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Welcome to the city,
where the sun
is shining all the time
and people look into your eyes
Welcome to the city,
where big brother’s
watching you,
where you go and what you do

Where you go and what you do,
is in their eyes
and they know
what is good for you
Be careful watch your back,
I’m alone and you’re so sad,
but we’re not paranoid
Sitting in the streets to cry,
they don’t mind even if I die,
but they look at you
Go along this way
‚cause you cannot stay,
they hear your shiver

What you’ll be and
what you’ll see,
what you’ll love and
what you’ll hate,
they can’t understand
Every path that you will go,
they can see but they can’t know,
what you’ll think that time
Look the enemy in the eyes,
they wanna use you,
tell ‚em lies,
so they are really confused
They can’t do anything,
you’ll just stay and you’ll win,
they hear your shiver
They know what is good,
they know,
they know what’s good for you…

Free Download: Surveillance.mp3

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