Free Download 2: Without Your Brain

[wpaudio url=“ Your Brain.mp3″ text=“Without Your Brain“]

Ironic place to chill,
but I‘d love it if you will…
again, again
Better place, better home,
wheather is for everyone…
for me, for me
You can run, you can hide,
but forgotten is your pride…
away, away
All the waste gets away,
forming suburbs in your brain…
your brain, your brain
Supermasive falls the rain

Why d’you kill without your home
Why d’you kill without your brain
Boxcars crash inside your heart
You’re convinced and
say goodbye

Paradise is not the end
You can go,
but time’s to spend…
for me, for me
All I say, all I pray,
everything is undevine…
for you, for you
Jackpot rises inside your bones,
destroyed and broken are
your homes…
your kids, your kids
Forget all your fuckin‘ shit
You’re a miser, so we quit…
for now, for now
Supermasive falls the rain

Free Download: Without Your Brain.mp3

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