Free Download 5: Rubber Boots

Rubber Boots

Special thanks to the
glorious days
Don’t try to complain about today
Sometimes it takes a lot to laugh
Sometimes it takes a lot to love
the things you get without
without being asked

Never turned around to
notice the fake
Never a doubt about
loosing everything…

It seems I’m in trouble
It seems you’re in trouble
Open your eyes
It seems you’re in trouble
It seems we’re in trouble
So you better wear
your rubber boots

Cunning devils may
overcome insignificance
We just have to be patient
and watch the film
They’ll raise their heads
and look at us questioning
We won’t give any answers
We get up and leave
We leave this place
and we won’t come back,
it’s well known

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Eine Antwort auf Free Download 5: Rubber Boots

  1. Cyndelle sagt:

    My sieetmnnts exactly. Although I don’t know how long these boots will last, they are certainly built like the proverbial brick shit house. And yea…the RailRiders really are one heck of a good pair of pants.Squatting aside, I don’t think I’m gonna get anywhere at Whole Foods, so I’m presently running scouting missions in various Safeways. Will report my findings soon.