Free Download 6: Closer


Dance baby dance,
the sun is low
Take a break, leave behind
but never stop trying
as far as the eye can see
The good, the bad, the unknown
The good, the bad, the broken

I’m closer
much closer
much more
out of control

More final than ever,
than ever before
The night always,
ends somewhere
cause we never stop trying

Free Download: Closer.mp3

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  1. Supakera sagt:

    That’s not right mnxiig as no beats or riffs are matched. Match the beats then use the thwart fader. Best way to use OTS is by using two sound cards in your PC (or use on board sound for the cue channel and soundcard for live sound.) Pay for the silver license and then you can learn how to mix properly. I learnt on OTS. Took me 1 month to get the hang of beat-matching etc and I have in view of the fact that had a go on decks and found it simpler than I thought to get into it. Use Audacity to record your set.